Your Rights in the Workplace



Most of these individuals have problems affiliated with their work environment, which they wish to address, allowing them to operate efficiently and effectively in their places of work. For instance, I have come across situations whereby some people are not selected for certain jobs just because of their race or because they have some form of disability. In other instances, employers tend to promote having fewer skills to address certain positions and leaving the qualified candidates without work. Some individuals are forced to work for long hours without being awarded overtime, while others are denied leave to take care of their loved ones. I believe also that when most employees are laid off, they are unaware as to whether they have any rights to claim their jobs back or seek unemployment for the time they have been unemployed. Furthermore, some workers do not know whether they have rights to evaluate the jobs offered to them and request better policies. These kinds of unjust practices in organizations are inappropriate and the law condemns them. Based on the diverse malpractices that organizations embark on, which subject employees to hardships in the workplace, it is ideal to note that these issues prevail because a large number of employees are unaware of the legal approaches they should follow to cope with such situations. Most employers also take advantage of these situations without wanting their employees to understand the laws that safeguard their interests in the workplace.