Your Personal Cultural Experience

Initially, the change in cultural practices was confusing, but I was able to adapt to the new culture. It influenced my cultural experience in the sense that I became open-minded to accept the diversity of cultures. I realized that each culture has certain values that are unique to it, and that all these values are focused on maintaining the integrity of the community members. The current culture and the original one have several similarities and differences. In both, family, education, and spirituality are highly valued. All families participate in communal matters such as weddings and burial ceremonies. All community members congregate at a commonplace every time a new issue arises in the community, for example, the outbreak of a disease or natural disasters. The original culture was different from the current culture in that, only men got employed while women took care of the home and the children, but in the current culture, both men and women are employed equally. The change in the social and cultural nature of society has caused a change in my conception of culture in general. I have realized that culture is something that can change over time if people accept these changes, especially when different cultures mix through migration.