You Tube as a Cultural Form

Understanding effects of media in the changing world and engaging in media study require illustrating the dynamic symmetries of various media like the press, radio, or television. (McLuhan 172). It is relevant to understand the repercussions of the Internet as a new form of a public sphere and to understand how the networked future might be different from what we have known about the new mode of public interaction and opinion making. YouTube remains an interesting study in marketing a consumer internet service in the changing scenario of mass media. Its reach, ubiquity, and sheer volume of content, everything from dumb home movies to glossy commercial calling cards, make it easily dismissible as merely the latest purveyor of trivial, banal, repetitious distractions for an eagerly narcotized booboisie (Cloud). In this context, it is essential to examine whether YouTube, as a socio-cultural medium, appropriates and exploits other media or not.All social changes contain elements of continuity and assertion of novelty is always a tricky enterprise. Our speech, print, and audio-visual media have always constituted the structures and frameworks for the objective of social setup, as these media act as a powerful instrument capable of imposing its assumptions on our modes of perception. In the electronic age understanding the effect of media in social change involve shaping and transfer of opinion and illustrating the dynamic symmetries of their operation on man and society.