Written critique power point presentation

The effectiveness of a presentation depends on the strength of the topic and also on the usability of the subject in the daily life of the people. The current presentation is done by a Community Resource Division Administrator which increases the credibility and authenticity of the written articulation. A presentation performed by an authoritative person brings about true facts and information related to the specific subject.
The effectiveness of the presentation lies in the fact that , there is a brief introduction and also a statistical data coverage about housing ,which enhances the informative potentiality of the presentation. The presentation also reveals statistics and minute details regarding housing facts and homelessness, which allow the readers to understand about housing on a local and national level. The presentation primarily elaborates on the actions and programs delivered by housing authority in order to stabilize public life, and this highlights the purpose of presentation. The presentation clearly reflects the authority of the organization and also effortlessly projects the strength and contribution of them to the society, which makes it more very effective to the readers.
Brevity is the correct usage of words and phrases in writing which enlarges the outlook and uniqueness of a presentation. This presentation has words which are very effective, simple and understandable. The phrases used projects the right meaning intended by the writer and the presenter has used the words in a calculative way to communicate the subject and message of the presentation .The points in the presentation about housing is precise and concise and the words and grammatical representation is up to the point. The flow of words is consistent and the meaning is directly absorbable by the readers. However, more of simplicity in language, words and phrases can underestimate the richness and communicative ability of the writer or the presentation