Women Solidarity

The commonality that can unite women is therefore and focusing on context-specific positioning of women are the only tools that women can use to address the complexity of the multitude of oppressions confronting women.
Heteropatriarchy and the Three Pillars of White Supremacy: Rethinking Women of Color Organizing by Andrea Smith is among the articles that are geared towards women of color where she describes three pillars of white supremacy as slavery/capitalism, genocide/colonialism, and Orientalism/ war. The author highlights common problematic trends in women of color that include the organizing principle of shared oppression against white supremacy faulty and assuming experiences with white supremacy and solutions for social change as universal. Smith seems to invite people in terms of racism and the notion that capitalist system ultimately makes all workers become commodities and racism is the hierarchy of commodification. Blacks are depicted to be at the top of the hierarchy while whites enjoy the top of it believing that they are not as much of a commodity as the blacks. The notion that whites are superior to blacks still hurts the current society amid voices calling for equality measures.
This article offers some insight for homophobia and too many writers engaging in a celebration of diversity and multiculturalism that he believes as people with good intentions. The truth of the matter is that books written by insiders tend to benefit the natives more than outsiders’ ideas. America, just like any other country is terribly racist full of self-righteous and bitter discourses. Rational use of various kinds of diversity is marred with nasty fights and protective behaviors because bitterness drives all thought out of expression making most people understand that learning institutions do not teach the truth. It is worth knowing that ethnic studies are crucial to both abused groups and the so-called privileged groups but intellectually, it represents some of the top diversity in the US.