Why Smoking Is a Bad Habit

The work at hand presents an argument that despite some remarkable good justifications about smoking, it still remains a bad habit due to some relevant reasons that would associate its detrimental impact on the human health in general. As stated, the proponents of the idea that smoking is a good habit believe that it has become beneficial especially for those who use it properly just to ensure a break in their hectic schedules for instance (Clynton, 2009). A break like this would ensure productivity and efficiency of the human resource output at the workplace. In fact, there is truth associated with this idea. People need a break to make sure achievement of constant and optimum productivity. Various establishments would require the human resource to at least spend some time to relax and break the monotony of serious activity. A serious activity at work at some point may lead to a declining efficiency if there is not enough time that would be spent for relaxation or other relevant activities that suffice the need to charge the human potential to the full. Perhaps, by considering this point of view, there is a real score in favour of smoking as a good habit. However, there are some more profitable or alternative time-outs other than smoking that at the same time will not put human health in jeopardy.Undeniably, there is a truth again pertaining to this claim, but we should consider the fact that this lifestyle could become habitual in a sense. The bad thing about this lifestyle is the associated health risks of smoking, which is reported to have killed many people each year higher than HIV, alcohol, illegal drug use, car accidents, suicides and murders as Centers for Disease and Prevention reveals the statistics (Peete, 2010).