Why I Want to Become a College Student

Education has always been an important aspect of my life. I came to the USA during my freshman year of high school. Since then I have worked hard in my studies. I am a dedicated and focused student that is inspired by education. I want to attend college in order to improve my quality of life in the future. People that complete a college degree have better higher paying jobs. During my tenured in high school I demonstrated the ability to work with other classmates and provide support to me teammates during group assignments. I always pay close attention to the lectures provided by the teachers and I take good notes that help me study for exams. The most important aspect of education is the knowledge gained from the lessons by the students.
It is important for me to obtain a college degree. My parents have always helped me with my studies and they fully support me in my college aspirations. Both my parents attended college and I want to follow in their footsteps. Today getting a college degree is imperative because the new wave of jobs in the knowledge economy of the 21st century requires people that are well trained and have advanced knowledge. I am fully committed to starting a new stage in my life where education becomes the primary focus of my day to day routine. Students in college have to attend class as well as countless hours in the university surrounding studying, reading, and performing research in the library.
I have always been a good student. To me education is very important. I also believe a lot in the value of helping others. During my high school years I spend a lot of time volunteering for different activities and community service. I worked in homeless shelters and others community initiatives. I liked providing a helping hand to others in need. As a student I also in many occasions helped my classmates with their studies by providing tutoring sessions. Upon acceptance into a university I plan on getting involved in the alumni community by volunteering my time. College is a tremendous experience that goes beyond the time spend in class.
I am extremely motivated to start a new chapter in my life by becoming a college student. The United States economy will only get better when more people are able to offer the skilled labor that the new economy of the 21st century requires. These new laborers can gain the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in the workplace by attending college. I am aware of the new challenges of the workplace, thus in order to succeed I am committed to working hard in college to earn an education. Some of the skills and capabilities that I possess that are going to help me succeed as a college student are good verbal and written communication skills, a passion for reading, interpersonal skills, teamwork, active listener, and good research capabilities. Being accepted into a college is my top priority in life because it will ensure my future.