Why has the Mafia been able to survive for so long despite enormous pressure from law enforcement

Why has the Mafia been able to survive for so long, despite enormous pressure from law enforcement? The Mafia traces its infamous history back to Sicily in Italy where it began as a rural phenomenon. Consequently, it is widely known as the Sicilian mafia. Its existence is believed to have been etched since Italy’s’ unification. Presently, the Sicilian mafia still holds a significant presence and control over the social, economic and political life of Sicily. To this end, the infamous mafia known as the American mafia or Cosa Notra is regarded as an extension of the Sicilian mafia owing to its members drawn from the Italian American society. A common denominator among these criminal organizations has been their persistent penetration and longevity in organized crimes. Evidently, there are several notable reasons as to why the mafia has continuously survived for so long despite pressure from law enforcers. Foremost, the mafia is uniquely structured in its organization by having friends in centers of influence of power. Incidentally, the Sicilian mafia has been known to bankroll the elections of political personalities with close ties to it. Evidently, in 2008, a man who was previously colluding with the mafia was re-elected into parliament. This just shows the political backing that the mafia enjoys as support. Moreover, the types of illegal business operations conducted by the mafia have led to the control of enormous resources. Evidently, the mafia engages in drug trafficking, gambling, extortions, prostitution and street taxes. As a result, the high resource base at the mafia’s control aids them in corrupting government officials and law enforcers that can further aid and abet their illegal activities. The mafia equally has a hierarchical structure of authority among the member that guarantees continuity. Consequently, the crime boss or Capo Famiglia is succeeded by the capo bastone or underboss in the event of anything such as death or incarceration to the crime boss. As a result, breaking the chain of authority and operation of the mafia has proven to be quite a problem to law enforcers.
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