White Male Suicide in the Military

This is as a result of certain life factors that have been proved by different psychologists to have a substantial influence on the acts of these individuals. These factors have further resulted in the rise in the number of suicide cases. According to Allen, Cross, and Swanner (2005), the young soldiers under the age of twenty-five years who are white non-Hispanic males are the most affected.
The American Defense Department has further indicated that the suicides cases in the military rose to approximately fifteen percent in the year 2012 with the active-duty suicides exceeding the non-active-duty ones with more than a three percent rate a case highly attributable to the US military operations in Afghanistan (Cross and Swanner, 2005). Basically, suicide victims bared similar characteristics. Most of these victims apart from being male and white were also unmarried or divorcees. This is something very common with the military servicemen and women following the fact that they are always away from home and therefore spends very little time with their partners and families. The casualties further suffered from depression. Also, these young servicemen had very little education achievements with the highest having attained college education (Leardmann et.al, 2013). These suicide casualties were further established to be of the ages of between seventeen and twenty-four.
This plan will involve various trained consultants on the ground targeting young white male servicemen either on duty or off duty since recent statistics have revealed that the suicides happen to officers either on duty or off duty. These consultants will, therefore, blend ways and become very close to these individuals so as to adequately offer substantial psychological help.