White Aryan Resistance Toeing the Line between Extremism and Domestic Violence

The power of technology is in their hands and they use cable television access and the Internet to reach out to like-minded individuals. They also use it to promote Lone Wolfism, a strategy wherein leaderless resistance is encouraged. Domestic terrorism is brought to a new front because of this. the prosecution of responsible groups has become almost impossible with terrorist acts carried out by individuals and passed off as the criminal act of one instead of a racist group. Racism may have evolved in itself but in these times, the ideologies of racism are fast becoming obsolete. Although they remain a threat, racism has been shunted off to the fringes of society because America is working hard to prove that it is indeed the land of the free. The bottom line ultimately is that racism, throughout history, has only succeeded in fomenting discord and encouraging distrust and hate within the society thus causing a greater social divide that’s the true hindrance to real peace and harmony.America is a young country with a proud history. But too many of the American youth today, as with young people around the world, believed history is not much far back than 9/11 and its aftermath, or the Iraq War and the wrestle for control over the Middle East’s oil supply, or the Vietnam War, or the Civil Rights Movement that saw rioting in the streets with disturbing consequences. The older generation may also recall World War I and World War II and the devastating assault these wrought on humanity. Indeed, for much of today’s populace, history is marked by bloodshed – warfare, abuse, and violence – and, more ominously, history is at this generation’s doorstep and the world is living in a time of fear and worry.