What is the relationship between counselling and education In what ways might counselling be of value in schools Are there any dangers in teachers acting as counsellors

However, recognizing the gap in contemporary education system, applying the concept of counselling to education in order to help students become mentally strong and independent individuals will help, not only in making them mentally strong but also in adding value to the education they receive. In this regard, educational psychotherapy would require specialized skills modeled on specific experiential concepts. This paper outlines the contemporary psychotherapeutic models and need for counselling in modern times. It further elaborates on the role educationalists/teachers can play in counseling students along with advantages and issues/challenges encountered in this setup.Children, from the age of 5, enter their first developmental transition stage of growth during which their physical, behavioural, social, and emotional personalities experience significant developmental challenges. Post this, adolescence is also a transitional stage of physical and mental human development that occurs between childhood and adulthood. it involves biological, social, and psychological changes (Moshman, 1999). Children’s social development is strongly characterized by peer experiences and friendships during this phase. it is the most active phase of their life and involves a myriad of activities such as learning, socializing, understanding, formation of an identity of self etc, thereby constantly in rigorous mental and physical activity. Buddhist psychology and cognitive theories postulate mind and body get stressed due to inappropriate thoughts, inaccurate beliefs, unrealistic expectations and insatiable desires (Semple amp. Lee, 2008), and children’s minds tend to juggle between all of these newly formed feelings and experiences.After much argument, Lazarus (1982) concluded that human cognition works by serially receiving, registering, encoding, storing for the short or long run, and retrieving meaningless bits of information