What did the War of 1812 in terms of the international community achieve for the United States of America

Essay, History and Political Science Topic: What did the War of 1812, in terms of the internationalcommunity, achieve for the United States of America? The War of 1812, which ended with the Treaty of Ghent, normalized the relations between America and Britain to restore the pre-war position. No solution was found to the problems that led to the war, but the victory at the Battle of New Orleans and the Treaty of Ghent fuelled the American pride, developed nationalism and expansion westward. This initiated the process of enhancing the influence of U.S. and augmenting its power base. From the point of view of commerce, foreign nations began to show more interest and that led to the development of trade relations with the nations of Europe and Asia. John B. Hoey writes, The War of 1812 has….. finally won a gallant victory that validated national institutions and presaged the growth and expansion of the young Republic.(Hoey) Congress declared war and it was thrust upon a nation that was unprepared. Though U.S. forces were numerically superior as compared to the enemy, it was not in a position to win convincingly. Economically weak nation opted for negotiated peace to end the stalemate. American defense establishment failed and their calculations went haywire. The other consequences of war were the confirmation of the border between Canada and United States and it brought to an end the plans of America to annex Canada. With the termination of British support to the Indian tribes the prospect of Indian Confederacy ended. War revolutionized manufacturing in a big way and U.S. won the respect of the international community. Works CitedHoey, John B. Federalist Opposition To The War Of 1812 Web : Retrieved on October 30,2012 · ·