What Cyber Law Might Teach

In the case of DPP v Sutcliffe, the stalking victim and the effect of the accused’s actions occurred in Canada, but Australian Courts had necessary jurisdiction in the matter, due to exercise of personal jurisdiction based on conduct. Personal jurisdiction may also be exercised in cases that do not offend “traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice” (International Shoe v. Washington). In the United States, long-arm statutes such as the Uniform Interstate and International Procedure Act can extend jurisdiction to out of state defendants. Jurisdiction was a limiting factor in Macquarie Bank Limited &amp. Anor v Berg, but in a recent case involving Yahoo, USA, a French Court found Yahoo liable under its local jurisdiction (Yahoo, USA).
Ans 2. (a) The auDu dispute resolution procedure has been set up to regulate disputes pertaining to domain names and licensing, to protect against fraudulent registration, bad faith or misuse of domain names(www.auda.org.au). But mandatory administrative proceedings for dispute resolution are limited to domain name registration are not available for other kinds of disputes.&nbsp.Legislation introduced by the Australian Parliament in 1999, includes “content codes” regulating Internet content (Guide 2005). Schedule 5 of the BSA restricts access to offensive sites (Bills Digest 2002-3).&nbsp.An X website could incur criminal liabilities under the laws of the Commonwealth, including the charge of child exploitation.&nbsp.