What are the pros and cons of Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetically modified organism has many advantages and disadvantages those scientists and nations are contemplating on the use on human food.
Genetically modified organism has been greatly tested by a scientist who has found their effects to be safe to humans. The studies indicate the organisms are safe for consumption. Many countries that are experiencing food shortage have been encouraged to grow and develop genetically modified foods which mature faster to meet their needs (Sonal 76).
Genetically modified organism help increase food supply. These organisms grow very fast than the normal organisms hence is a solution to the increasing population and demand for more food. The fast growing will also increase the income for the farmers since they will get their produce within a short period. Genetically modified organisms create plants that are better resistant to pests, weeds, and other diseases. This will help to reduce the budget used in farming (Braman 42). The farmers will also not be exposed to harmful pesticides and soil will remain natural and fertile for longer.
Genetically modified organism also creates efficient use of land and fewer uses of herbicides and pesticides. Genetically modified crops grow very big and occupy its space in the farm. Fewer pesticides and herbicides are used because all the crops get just what it requires. It eventually helps the soil retain its fertility unlike the soils exposed to pollution of the herbicides. Genetically modified organisms create food with better texture, flavor, and nutritional value. The food will help adding the nutritional value since most genetically modified foods have a high value of protein in them (Duvauchalle 213). The consumers will not need to add a supplement of proteins in their meals.
Genetically modified organisms create food with longer shelf life. This means the foods will stay fresh for longer before they can expire. The food can be transported to further destinations and are able to