WaltMart Soft Drink Adds Some Needed Pop

Sustainable packaging is a business practice that creates packaging products with materials that are renewable, utilizes renewable energy, and is manufactured in a socially responsible manner to promote environmental health (Sustainable Packaging). Packaging design training initiatives required package designers to work with all types of materials types and structures to gain insight to understand the basis of structural and graphic design for the environment (Packaging Strategies Offers Workshop 4). Walt-Mart applied the utilization of green packaging sustainable solutions as part to measure if the solution can accomplish the company’s long term savings goals. The firm developed a new performance metric to measure the progress towards achieving a 5% saving reduction by the year 2013 while continuing its environmentally friendly sustainable packaging strategy (Orango, 62).
Data in the field of marketing research demonstrates that over 80 percent of the impact related to attracting the visual senses of a customer is related to a color schema (Morton). The design process must consider ethnic factors in the selection of colors for packaging in international markets since colors are interpreted in different.&nbsp.Packaging has become a value-added function that can be difference-maker for marketing directors since it is an income-generating marketing variable. Public companies such as Walt-Mark have applied packaging solution to increase sales of certain products by redesigning the packaging of a product. The United Kingdom enjoys a booming economy with a lot of business activity.&nbsp.