Virginia Deer Management Plan

In Virginia, the augmented rate of deer has been of a major consideration towards the ecosystem of the state. The state has been facing issues in relation to the over-population of deer. The increased ratio of deer population has resulted in hampering the ecosystem of the state. Moreover, deer are also seemed to be accountable for negatively affecting the economic condition of the state owing to damages made in gardens, crops along with trees. Deer are also identified to be of immense threat for road accidents in the highways. In this regard, the ‘Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ (VDGIF) has been facing considerable challenges owing to the differential interests of the citizens. The board members of the VDGIF are mostly concerned about white-tailed deer as compared to other wildlife species in the state. White-tailed deer has been considered mostly, as it is determined as one of the most famous game species. On the other hand, white-tailed deer has been associated with deferent implications that include public safety concerns and impact on the ecosystem. Contextually, the management of VDGIF with different interests from the citizens in relation to white-tailed deer faced challenges in developing appropriate deer management plan in accordance with which deer population might me managed effectively. In this respect, the major functions of the VDGIF include public education, regulatory powers, protecting wildlife resources and law enforcement.