Significance of parking charges in New York Donald Shoup, a of urban planning and an at theUniversity of California, Los is a leading world expert of parking. He has written a book titled the high cost of parking.. He says that 29% of vehicle around New York wander around just looking for a parking space since all spaces are occupied. The vehicles will drive around the buildings until they see another car vacating to reoccupy the parking space.
He argues that imposing minimum charges on parking around New York will be of high benefit for the environment and neighborhood relations since cars will reduce hence creating more parking spaces and reduce the commotion: only those people who genuinely need to drive in New York will come with their cars. Firstly the implementation will lead to reduced air pollution, make pedestrian life better, save a lot of energy and probably slow down the global warming. Above all, it will improve how public realm of New York. how to use sign boards and create a favorable environment for everybody residing the city.
Professor Shoup does not see the sense as to why New York is an expensive city and people pays high costs for residence while they park for free which should be the other way round. He compares New York with the city of Pasadena. Were after putting parking revenue, the city has become beautiful with money collected being used to clean the rods and pavements, pays for police services, lights the streets at night and generally unlacing the public wealth of the city. I think this is a quite brilliant idea and should be applied in all cities that are experiencing parking and traffic jams issues.
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