Valourec Case Analysis

The adoption of better technology in the production process yield stunning result in its outcome. If the company chooses most feasible and comfortable method of production in its operation, they can come up with unique feature to the market with modest feature.However its implementation process requires high cost and it cannot affordable to the small and medium scale enterprise due to heavy initial investment. Vallourec was a well motivated a strong personality who aimed to upgrade his production in to world class.The present world is considered as the era of science and technology. Hence due to his well wish, his company could reach countries top most metal tubing manufacturer within a short time. The chemical and gas field requires a huge investment, Technology, Skilled labor and mechanism. If the company follows modern technology and unique production method, they can come up with most efficient low cost product in to the market. The quickest process called by the injunction molding process, which is a highly developed technology adopted by the Vallourec under its steel production process. So here the company was highly interested in developing the quickset process to reduce the production process and to increase the efficiency in the production process. Yet it is a unique production method and it is a adoptable to the metals due to its microscopic layer. The development of technology may incur several time with different stages throughout the process. However the strong desire of the management helped the company to become one of the major manufacturers of metal tubes in the country. However this case study is an attempt to give information on the adoption of modern technology and unique production method than the traditional method of production. Hence this case study reveals the truth, which is involved in the production process by the application of best practice in its operation.
Identification of key issues, problems, and opportunities and Evaluation of alternative strategic approaches to deal with the identified problems
Vellore’s Venture case is one of the most successful cases in the Metal melting process industry. The ultimate aim of every business magnate is to maximize their wealth with a limited risk and prospects. So they require higher return to their heavy investment with in a limited period. Hence the business would modify according to its area of business and the best available methods to operate. Similarly in this case they corporation applied several techniques and methods to get higher return and outcome with a limited effort than the market competitor. The technological innovation gives most suitable and feasible solution to the conventional method of production, where the company can avoid the traditional method of production and come up with unique product to the market. Due to its operation it may suffer several internal as well as the external problems. Let us evaluate the main problems and how it helped to the Vellore’s venture to become no one metal producer in the country.
Similar to the other metal melting industry the Vellore’s has its own issues and problems in the business mater. Yet the company could manage the problem with its effective future plans and strategies. The first and foremost issues related to the process are raising cost. The cost problem is common to almost all business enterprise in the world. However the cost is the major problem and it caused to rise in its price. The rising in the general price of Gas and its material would be a great burden to the Vellore’s industry. The slumping sales in the major market hit a heavy burden to the company due to constant increase in the operational cost. So it leads the company in to the situation, where it couldn’t estimate the operational cost of its north steel process. Yet on the ultimate stage it could recover its cost in to profitable on due to fell in the oil price in 1979. However it is generally reflecting the issues that the company had been following the conventional