“Training and Development in General Occupational Health &amp

Safety at Your Workplace"



The following research report is related to the training and development in general occupational health and safety implemented at an official workplace. The report is supposed to be written and designed to be presented to the management of the company that would include all the necessary details regarding occupational health and safety environment being adopted by organizational structure where potential training and development aspects could be followed properly. This report would present the idea that would justify the need for such training and development, why they are important for the company, how they could be incorporated, and what are the strategies and policies which could be utilized in the effective delivery of such training. The research report is aimed to be made to be presented in front of the management of the company so that they could use it for the future beneficial edge of the business while keeping in mind the need for training and development in general occupational health and safety environment. In order to convince the audience, some radical and proven aspects would also be presented for the convenience of the readers, such as, accident statistics, costs of compensation claims, employee surveys, and several other facts that could help our readers to understand the ongoing coherent, logical, and convincing argument without any problem. All information is needed to be provided to the management of the company because time has proved that the health and well-being of employees is the key and most important feature in the success of any business or for any organizational structure. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the value and worth of providing training and development in a healthy