Toulmin Analysis

Warrant: People wish to have whiter teeth, similar to celebrities like famous film stars.

Backing: Smile Brite provides easy to use trays and applicators to make the process simple and quick. Further, research evidence confirms the greater effectiveness of the barrier methods of trays and strips, as compared to other types of whitening kits. This is because the former keep the peroxide or whitening agent against the teeth for the longest duration of time (TTWK, 2009).

Backing in the form of support for the warrant is that: whiter teeth enhance the personality, help to establish a better image of oneself, improves one’s social life, and boosts confidence, all of which lead to a better quality of life.

Rebuttal: Staining caused by red wine, coffee and cola can be prevented by brushing the teeth soon after consuming these beverages (TTWK, 2009).
Qualifiers: Stains on the teeth occur as a result of drinking red wine, coffee and cola. However, they may be caused by other reasons as well such as the use of tobacco, improper brushing of teeth, or drinking tea. Therefore, the qualified claim is that the most significant causes, though perhaps not the only causes of staining of the teeth are: drinking red wine, coffee, and cola.
Interpreting the results using the Toulmin Analysis above, indicates that the overall effectiveness of the argument appears to be strong, with structured support. The argument presented by the manufacturers of Smile Brite teeth whitener appears compelling regarding its high levels of convenience, effectiveness, and ultimate usefulness in improving the overall quality of life. According to ADA (2009), recent research conducted by Cochrane collaboration reveals that home-use teeth whiteners have short-term effectiveness in whitening teeth, but further research is required on the long-term outcomes and side effects of their use.

The Toulmin Analysis is a useful tool for researchers and writers, since the various parts of an argument: the claim, data/ support and warrants, and the qualifiers, rebuttals, and backing for the warrants can be analyzed and compared separately. The validity of each argument of other authors, as well as a thorough analysis of the writer’s own arguments,&nbsp. results in a critical research study of a topic (Hitchcock &amp. Verheij, 2007).&nbsp.