Tobacco Companies and Responsibilities

In this report, the author has talked about smoking products and their effects on the health care sector. There is information about the number of patients smoking every year that provides information to be used in our research. The results of the report gave us logic about how tobacco companies are motivating their customers to buy their products and end up dying a smoking-related death.

The reference of an article by a British medical journal contains very useful information about the link between tobacco use and lung diseases. The reference is selected because of its high relevancy to the research topic. The authors have conducted a study on 5,000 respondents which made them conclude that heavy smokers are more in number for lung diseases as compared to non-smokers. The mortality rate is high among smokers because of lung cancer as compared to a non-smoker. The reference is used in a point which is supporting research title that tobacco companies should be held responsible for smoking-related deaths. The research style, content, and results made it a very useful reference to be included in this report.
3. Glantz, Pamela M. Ling and Stanton A. "Why and How the Tobacco Industry Sells Cigarettes to Young Adults: Evidence From Industry Documents."&nbsp.&nbsp.
Thorough research is conducted by Pamela and Stanton for the American Journal of medical health. The research has 200 documented respondents from the tobacco industry which contributed their part in drawing results of the conclusion. The purpose of using this article in the report is because of its relevancy with the research purpose. It studies the purpose and way of selling cigarettes& tobacco companies to young adults.