Thomas Donovan Lesson Assignment 5 Analogy Exercise

Thomas Donovan Lesson Assignment 5: Analogy Exercise From the article en d “Should the Stand Your Ground law for gun owners be repealed?” written by Gary Stein, the author’s thesis explored the support of advocates of gun lovers for the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in Florida (Stein par. 4). The author is comparing the gun lovers’ support for this new law with their hating any gun law in general. Stein averred that gun lovers “are strongly behind the “Stand Your Ground” law in Florida, which basically lets people who claim to have used their gun in self-defense to turn themselves into the victims” (Stein par. 4).
The two things being compared by the author are support for a particular enactment involving restricting the use of guns. The comparison was actually weak because there is a bit of contradiction in the contentions simply because the author stipulated that gun lovers “hate any gun law” (Stein par. 1). It might be initially confusing to the readers then that a particular “Stand Your Ground” could be supported by gun lovers when initially the argument clearly indicated that “any” law was hated. End of discussion. It is like comparing nothing to something.
The issues being compared are actually complementary and supportive because at the extreme end, gun lovers were saying they hate any law pertaining to restricting the use of guns. Through the “Stand Your Ground Law” the enactment was promoting the use of guns to defend oneself, one’s family or loved ones, against attack or potential intruders. However, the author could have improved the analogy by comparing the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law in Florida to any other similar laws in other states, for that matter.
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