This assessment item requires you to adopt the role of a public relations manager offering counsel to an organisation Using the same case as in the first two assessment items you must identify and effectively summarise responses to the issue that have a

This was essentially evident after the defect of Prius was noticed as the management took immediate action by recalling the customers in Australia through the mediums of public relations like that of mails and press releases. Toyota always tried to emerge with a new thought and tried to execute it. Toyota Australia always tried to keep in mind the customer needs and wants so that the management tried to provide the maximum of the benefits to the customers. Toyota Australia has brought new models with new techniques of vehicles for different segments of people e.g. SUVs for ‘tailgate people’, Prius for private customers among others.
It is prevalent from the strategy of the company that in future too Toyota Australia is expected to come up with many new ranges of vehicle which will be eco friendly in nature and adapt new technologies for better quality and service to the esteemed clients.
Toyota Australia started its journey in 1958, when Theiss brothers sold their first Toyota Land Cruiser in the year of 1959. The vision of Toyota Australia has been to be the most appreciated and accepted company in the related market. Their mission was to supply the best automotive products and customer services that would enhance the environment, community and partners. They have their four core values namely, clients’ first, respect for the people, international focus and constant improvement and invention. According to the factsheet of 2008, Toyota Australia had 4573 employees and approximately 10,982 of dealer employees. Toyota Australia exported vehicles to more than 20 countries (Toyota, n.d.).
Toyota Australia produced a record of about 141, 467 vehicles and 114, 752 engines at their Altona plant in the year of 2008. They contributed more to the economy of Australia by indirect and straight employment, export income and capital investment. Toyota has been