Thermodynamics Technical and economic analysis of a combined cycle power generation technology

other hand will be the mass flow rates of steam (mst), the mass flow of air mass (mgas), power output of steam and gas loops and the overall thermal efficiency of the system. A combined cycle power plant can be divided into the following functional subsections:
The gas cycle increases from 10 to 40 as shown in the above T-S diagram. There is a direct relationship between the temperature and the energy generated as the gas cycle pressure ratio increases. An increase in the two variables results in an increase in the power generated in the power plant. This can be attributed to the fact that an increase in pressure causes an increase in the temperature and hence the increase in the energy generated. This can be used as a measure of ensuring that efficiency is improved in the plant.
The thermal power of the plant can be seen to be maximum at a point where the system is half the entire length and increasing the temperatures within the plant increases the amount of power generated. An increase in the thermal power means that the temperatures level is raised and this creates a larger enclosed area and this increases the amount of energy produced. Controlling the power plant thermal levels can be used to control the efficiency of the power plant.
The use of a combined power plant is a new development that has proved to be more efficient than the traditional power plants. In this system the efficiency is greatly improved and this is achieved through a number of ways which include:
In this model, reheating is used to take advantage of the increased efficiencies at higher boiler pressure without facing the excessive moisture. The regeneration process in the steam power is accomplished by extracting steam from the turbine at various stages and fee that steam in the heat exchanger where the feed water heater helps removing the air that leaks in at the condenser.
From the analysis above, we can see clearly that a combined power plant can be used as a more efficient system