The Various Security Agencies Across the World

These intelligence activities may include spy services that are undertaken by different nations in a bid to know what is happening behind the scenes that can be dangerous to the security situation either internally, within the boundaries of the state in question or internationally to their allies or partners in different fields.
With rising cases of insecurity world over, there are concerns especially to the United States of America that must be addressed in a reasonable way in order to limit the risks that might be involved when such issues are not prevented (Zuki, 117). These issues and security concerns include terrorism, theft, political assassinations, territorial invasions, and power struggles. Controlling the world security is always the dream of every nation. However, doing this requires serious investments in the field of technology. This would help get access to planned crimes that have not been executed. This will help nullify these activities thus preventing the execution of such malicious plans. This hence improves the security of the nation. Criminal activities can be very damaging to a nation. These damages can be of adverse effects on the economy of a nation and to its general reputation. This will, therefore, impact on the lives of many people who can either be direct or indirect victims of the said criminal activities. The threats are experienced globally with many attributed to the presence and internet. The internet has been exploited by many states in a bid to achieve some strategic goals and objectives. Several governments have been much shaken by these roles played by the internet in creating the political instabilities and numerous changes of regimes (Scheimer, 49).
There is an escalating use of cyber capabilities in a bid to achieve strategic goals and objectives. This will, in turn, outpace the understanding of the issues thus making it difficult to solve the emerging trends in security threats. This has since aided the increase&nbsp.of illegal activities over the online platform. There are also challenges that come as a result of the difference in ideologies between rival nations and regions like the West and East.&nbsp.