The underground chamber of the Colosseum and the functions it was put to use during the first throughout the sixth century Also the structural architect of trapdoors in the floor that opened at regular intervals to carry animals and people to the arena

The finished building was a great structure. It was the most dominating element of the city and also connected the city with the Esquiline, Palatine and Caelian hills (Mark, 2009)It was important to do grand productions in the colosseum to the emperor and the high ranking politicians who wanted to make the plebs amused so that they do not involve in crime, as the rate of unemployment was high in the ancient Rome. Mostly the emperor and the politicians hosted the shows because they were corrupt and had full control over the economics.The colosseum was a four stories building and had a height of forty five meters and the width across is one eighty nine by one fifty six meters. The arena of the building where all the events used to happen was about eighty eight by fifty five meters, which is a huge stage to perform. The theatre was build in limestone where as the internal walls were made of bricks, volcanic stone and concrete, as written by mark (2009). It had space for about fifty thousand spectators. Forty thousand sited and five thousand standing. For the Emperor or the organizer of the show there was a special marble Podium. The special boxes were also made at the first gallery then there were marble seats for the senators, knights and then the plebeians at the upper level. Finally there were wooden seats for the women, slaves and poor spectators they had to stand when all seats were filled at the upper most galleries. There were also some arrangements made for rain and heat protection. (Brain 4-5)There were many staircase and corridors in the colosseum that were made in such a way that it made easy for the public to get into the colosseum and get seated. There were also pathways repeated in each tire so as to make it easy for the spectators seated to their places according to their class.According to Brain (3) the arena of the colosseum was originally made in wood and was covered by sand. There was metal grating all around to serve the purpose of