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Compensation culture is an ongoing trend especially in the states of England and Ireland i.e. the United Kingdom comprising of the fact that there should be compensation on each and every losses that have been incurred irrespective how trivial or small it is. This proposed culture falls under the purview of tort law as it essentially deals with compensation for a damaged caused through litigation. The enthusiasts of the ‘compensatory culture’ banks upon the points like those of lawsuits that have a minimum chance of winning and where the cost of legalities is more than the settlement claim, can be easily settled outside the legal premises if the ‘compensation culture’ is legalised. The increasing ‘liability insurance’ is rendering hosting of the dangerous games which could be well avoided if ‘compensation culture’ is initiated. Certain claims that affect the physical distress and emotional strain might turn tough to be proved in the court of law. Such cases could be easily resolved if ‘compensation culture’ was in force. The government of the United Kingdom along with the majority of the legal fraternity is vehemently against such a rising trend of ‘compensation culture’. In one of the publications in the year of 2004, the Government clarified its position on the ‘compensation culture’ saying, “the government is determined to scotch any suggestion of a developing ‘compensation culture’ where people believe that they can seek compensation for any misfortune that befalls them, even if no-one else is to blame.