The Next Generation of Business and Information Technology Consulting

Infosys Technologies has established a smaller firm with the name ICI, which is established to getting knowledge about IT consultancy business. The company Infosys Technologies is interested in IT consultancy because it is the current business of the market and the companies are getting good revenues on the basis of the new market trend of information technology consultancy business. The company showed interest in consultancy business because of its interest in extra revenue, expansion and the client’s needs and requirements regarding IT consultancy.
The company has many strengths on the basis of which, it is going to appear better than its competitors before its clients. The company also has some weaknesses but the company is interested to control and improve all its weak to progress, expand and get better. The company Infosys Technologies and Infosys Consultancy (ICI) are going to face some challenges in their interface development such as the communication development challenge and management challenge. The establishment of a subsidiary firm is beneficial for the parent company, Infosys Technologies.
Infosys is a well-established firm that enjoys a reputable position in the market. It is suggested by the administrators of the firm that the firm will be the foremost firm in a couple of years on the basis of its technologies and growth of information technology. Infosys Technologies has a number of competitors in the market such as IBM, EDS, Accenture, Wipro Limited, Tata Consultancy Services and many more (Info Consulting in 2006). With all these firms in the market of information technology and business, Infosys faced a full-fledged challenge in the market.
The position of the company Infosys Technologies in December 2005 was at the 9th number (Info Consulting in 2006). The company Infosys Technologies after being developed into ICI comes up with greater success and ambitions for its clients and employees.&nbsp.