The Main Idea of the Freedom Writers

Freedom al Affiliation) The characters best portrayed in the movie are Erin Gruwell who acted as a new schoolteacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long beach, and Eva and Sindy who were students at the school (DeVito, Shamberg, amp. Sher, 2007). This movie is realistic even in today’s life whereby in most schools, students often group themselves according to their race or living standards, family backgrounds, and the groups think they are the untouchables of the school. The life events that make it real are the racial groups and classes, the gang fights that break out in schools, students opposing a new teacher and the school and department heads opposing the teaching ways of a new teacher (DeVito, Shamberg, amp. Sher, 2007).The most important thing that Erin learned about the students is that they only needed someone to understand where they have come from, their feelings, and experiences of being abused, evicted and watching their friends (DeVito, Shamberg, amp. Sher, 2007). Die the most important thing that the students learned from Erin was that she was not just an ordinary teacher but she was determined to change and reform their behaviors and their way of thinking. The writing of the movie played a very crucial role since it makes it easily accessible. The writing is realistic and many people can benefit from it.The main idea of the movie is to enhance understanding between teachers and students (DeVito, Shamberg, amp. Sher, 2007). The movie portrays that every teacher has his or her own way to instill discipline and win the trust of the students. I would highly recommend this movie to someone else since it is very educative both to the students and to teachers in order to produce disciplined and hardworking students.ReferenceDeVito, D., Shamberg, M., amp. Sher, S. (Producer), amp. LaGravenese, R. (Director). (2007). Freedom Writers [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures.