The Main Causes of a Major Problem in Our Society

Analyze the Main Causes of a Major Problem in Our Society Analyze the Main Causes of a Major Problem in Our Society The human society comprises of many deep rooted problems that need to be understood and tackled. The solving of problems makes it essential to understand the underlying causes of these issues. Many societal problems can be managed if their causes are known and targeted for proper solutions. Teen pregnancy is a major problem that exists in our society and it results in many negative effects. These include social and economic problems as well as health issues for the teen mothers. This may also be accompanied with psychological stress for the young teenage mothers. Furthermore, these young girls are also unable to complete their education. Therefore, it is important that the reasons of teen pregnancy should to be known and solved. A low socioeconomic status as well lower level of education and societal forces are responsible for the rise in the number of teen pregnancies (Donaldson et al 2003. Miller 2006. Thomas 2009).
Teenagers who belong to lower socioeconomic groups have a higher tendency for becoming pregnant during their young ages. This is because people belonging to low socioeconomic groups thrive in poor living conditions which results in stress and disturbed households. This provides for the teenagers to opt for sexual behaviors for the attainment of pleasure. Furthermore, mostly the parents of these children are lowly paid and they stay away from home for work for extended periods of time. This leads to a lack of regulation on the activities of children and therefore, teenagers get opportunities to engage in sexual acts (Donaldson et al 2003. Thomas 2009).
Education is considered to be a very important causative factor resulting in teen pregnancy. The communication gap between the parents and the children with regard to safe sex strategies is a reason for teen pregnancy. Parents hesitate in discussing the issue of sex with their children and this leads to a lack of provision of sexual education to the younger age groups. Thus, they engage in unsafe sex which then leads to teen pregnancy. The educational authorities also have a role as lack of education in schools with regard to safe sex is also a factor for teen pregnancy (Donaldson et al 2003. Miller 2006).
Societal reasons can also be linked to causing teen pregnancy. This is because the thinking in the society with regard to marriages has changed and many couples tend to stay together without getting married. This provides for the promotion of sexual activity without getting married and therefore, teenagers tend to engage in this practice. The exposure to sexual activities in the media is also responsible for teen pregnancy. Furthermore, pressure from friends and sexual harassment during childhood are also societal causes that lead to teen pregnancy (Donaldson et al 2003. Miller 2006).
Teen pregnancy is a societal issue which shows rising statistics. This societal problem needs to be worked upon to avoid the problems that it creates for the young teenage girls. It has many impacts on these young women who are also unable to fulfill their ambitions. The causes of teen pregnancy need to be known and awareness should be spread to prevent an increase in the rate of teen pregnancy.
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