The Lord of the Flies

Teacher: There is hope with morality and good values Every society is hound by the possibilities of the evil’s triumphs over good. Nevertheless, there is hope that society would survive against the challenges of evils. But, it is the people within the society, considered as key players that could translate this hope into fulfilled reality. These could only be done in a society well informed about the importance of morality and good values.
We have been taught since childhood, from our families, school, church, and community about good manners and right conduct. We had been taught how to deal with situations and act according to the laws not only of our community, but also the moral laws approved by our society. Our behaviors as citizens depend on how we practice and how people abide with these laws. The condition of our societies would also greatly depend on how the citizens feel on the importance of the laws to maintain peace and order. Therefore, we should realize that better life of the people and the community they live depend greatly on the way good values and understanding between evil and good are inculcated into the minds of the individuals who composed the society.
The Lord of the Flies illustrates clearly how people who are not only molded with negative values but are also greedy in nature brought a society into chaos. Although Jack Merridew possessed a desirable value of aggressiveness, he used it to overpower the common good of the group against his own personal views and motives. It further showed how people, fundamentally law abiding, are corrupted by bad influences of the social evils just to make their lives more comfortable in exchange for what is supposedly right. The majority of the boys from the story followed Jack, although submitting to authority and better idea of Ralph at first, despite knowing what is good, just to satisfy their human nature, their wants and their need for security and enjoyment. Although these boys are convinced on the importance of a rescue, and the need for fire to alert possible rescuers, they tend to follow Jack because of the promise for security against the perceived dangers in the woods, the need for food, and for enjoyment, neglecting their primary objectives. They can be likened to the criminals such as the thief the prostitutes and others, who, despite knowing crimes are evil, do it to make money easily for their own satisfaction.
All these things could have been avoided if these criminals and evildoers are molded in a family where good values are nurtured and practiced. Morality and good values could not be taught better outside of homes. It must start from the place where the young minds are being shaped. It is learned by examples. Ralph and Piggy are better examples of people who have good insights, with leadership potential, and are willing to fight and die with purpose within the bounds of morality. Ralph could have been shown better discipline at home by his military disciplined father. His values and orientations are better illustration that indeed basic moral foundations are crucial to better decisions.
Society may never attain perfection as far as the eliminating evils are concerned, but the ideas of producing better citizens, with deep appreciation of what is moral and good can be a better solution to producing a better community. A community composed by majority of good citizens with strong adherence to morality can be less chaotic than societies with more people living outside the walls of morality. To show this in a real world, Britain or USA could be a safer place to live than Nigeria or Iraq.
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