The Interview of Princess Diana

Though the topics in the interview are personal, the interviewer has the capacity to pierce into a different aspect of the royal family and has intelligently brought out the matters, which are secret for the common man. The genre of the text is interactive-narrative in the form of a dialogue between two persons – an interviewer- an adept journalist and an interviewee- a person from the royal family. The text is interactive in the sense that the conversation is in cooperation and both the persons have some arguments on several topics and narrative in the sense that the interviewee is narrating her personal understanding concerning her difficulties and problems along with the method adopted to solve the same. The opening sentence of the journalist Martin Bashir is in the tone of satire. When he says, ‘…pressures that came with marrying into the Royal Family?’ he comprehends that a royal family has an assortment of pressures owing to their obligations.The person is from a political royal family so the chances of the political statement were high but there are only personal statements in the text. The awfully gracious and pleasant accent is presented with some twist of satire at certain points throughout the statements. The satire can be sensed in the statement of Diana when she said- ‘At the age of 19, you always think you’re prepared for everything, and you think you have the knowledge of what’s coming ahead.’ she actually resources that a person at the age of 19 cannot have big responsibility, which she has to acquire on the marriage and to accept the titanic responsibility at that premature age. She has interpersonal intentions of putting the matter to the listener leasing him decide the situation himself. Here the use of the word ‘you’ is for herself. The styles of utterance and presentation of speech of the language evidently transmit the message to the general peoplethat at such a small age a person is not able to take such a high responsibility appropriately.