The Influence of Economic in Society

Due to much improved drug’s quality, the pharmaceutical companies would have to do some more investment and also there is a possibility that they would outsource or even import the foreign material for usage, which means that they now would have to make the foreign payments resulting in a lot of local currency going out of the money cycle. The possibility is again that the country would get a bit unstable and if someone who would then be responsible to keep the country’s economy stable then it is the people living there. People would now be forced to take any measures to buy those medicines that are at least prescribed by the doctors for serious patents. India although have controlled their growth rate but the deceases are growing commonly in South-east Asia, and this is the part by which the Indian planners might have thought about increasing the prices and to bring much of the currency from the savers to the deficit spending units.
India is basically a poor country, the average income there is just about $70 a month. It can now clearly show us what the country is about. The country is already not doing well on those medicines prepared by the local pharmaceuticals&nbsp.being operated there and if they would now be asked to produce fine quality medicines that are just having their own name and are according to the international standards, then it does require India to invest even more in bringing those structures and processes that could make the international standard products. The documentation work would also be there and the overall investment would be far more than companies would merely have a breakeven point within even 5 years. The decision taken by the Indian government might just be in relation to their modernization but it has got no real concerns as the majority in India is yet living below the poverty line. The question which is related to the people around the world getting deprived to use the cheap drugs might not be as valid as the people living in India would be deprived to use the cheap drugs might not be as valid as the people living in India would be deprived to use the cheap drugs. The simple answer to that is due to the much poor outcome of any such strategy, the global companies manufacturing patented material would criticize any such law and so the law enforcing governments would move against any such law. After all, human life has got more value than any of the law and the concerns are directly related to the saving of human life and not the cheaper drugs. Since in that case, the majority of people would not even be able to use the drugs, then they cannot expect to live longer and there when the problem arises causing human lives.&nbsp.Let’s talk about the real world case in which the demand is never equal to supply.