The importance of motivating pilots and extending layover periods



The years following the launching of the first commercial flights have witnessed many aircraft crashes. Some passengers have also complained of unfriendly and negative services among some crewmembers in the aviation industry the world over. Studies have revealed that a significant number of the accidents and poor services occur due to a lack of motivation and enough rest periods for crewmembers. The crewmembers end up feeling stressed with their work and feel fatigue, which add up to their ineffectiveness at work. Enough rest and proper motivation allows pilots and crewmembers to appreciate their works since they have a normal pattern of sleep, complete flight procedures, and thus, serve passengers well. Allowing flight crewmembers enough rest periods and the right motivational packages will significantly reduce the amount of flight accidents and boost the image of flight companies.Research works strongly suggest that it is important for pilots and other crewmembers to have better treatment and allowed enough rest periods to enable them enjoy their work and serve their passengers better. Notably, one of the effective ways of ensuring safety of aircrafts and passengers is a good treatment of employees since human factors are the leading causes of aviation accidents (Hobbs 335). There are several reasons why resting and motivation is important for the flight staff. First, resting enables flight members that operate long distance travels have a normal pattern of sleep and wake hours.