The Impact of Information Technology in the Vodafone Group Organization

This paper discusses and describes the Vodafone Group business Organization structure with a focus on the role of IT in its business Organization structure. Vodafone Group is a multinational British telecommunication company, whose main office is in London, with a registered office in Newburry Berkshire. Vodafone company started as a joint venture between Hambros Technology Trust , Millicom and the subsidiary of Racal Electronics PLC’s strategic Radio Ltd in 1982 with its name being derived from a company’s goal of establishing data services and voice services over mobile telephone networks. Hence its network was called Racal Vodafone. The company was renamed Recal Telecom in 1988. In 1991, Racal Telecom became demerged from the Racal Electronics there is when the mobile telephony giant came into existence. In 1996, the company bought people phone and acquired 80% of the Astec Communication, a move that so it increase its shares of UK mobile customers.
According to the report findings since 9th December 2010, the key elements of the Vodafone Organizational structure are as described. The operating companies for the group are under two operating regions reflecting the different geographies or different nature of assets, as well as to reflect the differences in development of the sector considering various economies. These included Europe which comprise all existing controlled business located in Europe, in addition to Turkey, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Hungary. At the helm, as the regional CEO, Michel Combel is in charge of the Europe Region.