The History of Technology of the Colt Revolver

Amongst the two distinguished firearms that helped in conquering the west are the 1873 model Winchister rifle and colt single action army model revolver. The Colt revolver revolutionized the entire firearms industry and how was war going to be fought on frontier from that time. The following pages illustrates the history of the revolver, the history of its inventor and how the revolver changed the way in which wars would be fought for ever.Prior the invention of the colt revolver the guns at that time required to be reloaded after every single shot was fired. This resulted in loss of plenty of lives in wars. The revolver that had a mechanically rotating cylinder so that it would not require to be reloaded after every single shot was fired was the goal of the gunsmiths for several centuries. It was in the year 1831 that 16 year old Samuel Colt made the first prototype model of a revolver with a mechanical cylinder. The Colt revolver was the fire arm that used a revolving cylinder and thus it need not require reloading after every single shot was fired1. The Samuel Colt worked with several gunsmiths in order to manufacture the prototype of the gun. The invention by Colt was patented over the course of several months in the year 1935 and 1936. The revolver mechanism that was designed by Colt is considered in some sense to more of an innovation than invention. The mechanism was originally used in muskets and rifles and was patented by a Boston based inventor named Elisha Collier. The mechanism was referred to as revolving flintlock. Colt’s mechanism which was an improved version of the earlier one developed by Elisha was patented by him in the year 1835 in UK. The American patent for the same was received by Colt was developed in the year 1836. The company started by Samuel Colt thus started manufacturing the revolver through the manufacturing facility that was based in Paterson in New Jersey. The ability of the revolver in firing 6 shots without the need