The Hair Trade’s Dirty Secret

The author accentuates that for the successful implementation ofbusiness ideas making an analysis of the uniqueness of product, analyzing its sale growth, customer availability, and products and services availability is crucial. and this can be made possible by conducting a situational analysis. This report aims to conduct feasibility analysis for a Marvelous Hair Salon and to analyze that either the concept is marketable and valid, does the idea proves the marketability and visibility, should the salon take a start, will the project be according to the budget, quality and schedule, and are the goals of the business will be attainable in creative and consistent manners (Kaiser, 2008). In order to achieve this objective, a report has been divided into five sections. The first section gives the general description of the business with its vision and mission. the second section consists of the description of products and services and unique selling points. In the third section, a detailed market analysis has been performed. The fourth section is based on the market plan that discusses the tactics to get the product and services to customers and to attract customers. The Fifth section is based on financial implications. Businesses can take place in the market by making alliances, joint ventures, and partnerships (Trost, 2013. Miller and Cross, 2013). Marvelous Hair Salon is a small start-up business that will be initiated by making a partnership. The salon will provide all hair related treatments, and the focus of business would be particularly on hair related treatments from cutting and styling to hair transplantation. A good vision statement is written as a future state and mission statement is a guide to the company (Shattock 2010. Castleberry 2010. Knapp, 2013) Provide a memorable and unique experience for the mission to be the constant provider of fresh ideas and styles through keeping up the salon’s partners (employees) with current trends and educating them best practices. all is to exceed the expectations by maintaining the highest standardsin order to keep customers.