The General Principles of Operation Management

Being selected by a lot of market research and surveys as the car of the year for a number of years it shows that, Toyota has an unbeaten record worldwide. Due to the good quality Toyota’s worldwide fame and success kept going, back in 1995, Toyota was the top car in the Middle East. Moreover, TMC has manufactured extremely high-quality cars that do not make much noise or do they do produce unpleasant fumes, Toyota uses more than 40 emission-control systems, it also uses dozens of technologies that have improved passenger-car safety.
2) The second performance objective is speed, this objective highlights the fact that by doing things on reasonably fast speed, the company can minimize the time between the order and the availability of the product same goes for a service this tends to give the customer a speed advantage over other companies.
The TMC’s techniques are highly focused operations that lessen complexity by using easy as well as small machines, which are robust and supple. This is done by rearranging the layout along with the flow in order to improve simplicity improves the speed of production. Statistics of the late 1980 show how 27 years back the output per worker was a lot more than US or European plants.
3) The third performance objective is dependent…
3) The third performance objective is dependability, this objective highlights the fact that the organization has performed complete its production in the time period which it has promised the customer (David 2006).
In order to get a better understanding of this objective a good example to quote here would be that TMC includes ‘Just-in-time’ (JIT) production system along with workers who are multi-skilled that work as a team, They use ‘kanban control’ which has permitted them to deliver products as they have promised. Improving efficiency as well as quality is the first and foremost concern of not only the managers and technical experts but also of each and every employee. So, it can be said that TMC is a good example of the third objective.
4) The fourth objective is ‘flexibility’, this objective involves the responding to a vibrant environment of the organization that brings change in their products and services it also changes the manner in which they do business. An organization has got to learn to love a change in order to develop flexible as well as responsive organizations to manage with a good dynamic business environment. (Peters, T. 1998)
Again to demonstrate the importance of these objectives the example of TMC will be used.
The TMC plant is always adopting new and innovative manufacturing resources, in order to launch new models at a fast pace. Due to this Toyota was able to attain an extremely high level of flexibility, producing fairly small batches of diverse models with slight or no loss at all of productivity or quality. TMC during the years has provided an array of options from which customers can select from.