The Feasibility of Virtual Fitting Room in the Fashion Industry



The essay "The Feasibility of Virtual Fitting Room in the Fashion Industry" explores Virtual Fitting Room, its Feasibility in the fashion. Technology, in the modern day business, transcends the use of online retail stores towards the use of mobile applications and sophisticated software. It is arguable that the virtual fitting room application is highly feasible in contemporary fashion business. The advent of fashion stores helped transform shopping, as customers would acquire access to products without visiting physical stores. These stores provide applications for carts and financial transaction. Online shopping has recently developed thereby threatening to replace traditional shopping in real shops. Some shoppers, however, still prefer real sopping to online shopping for notable cited reasons. To begin with, there are serious security concerns, as fraudsters establish sites for conning consumers. In addition, there are grave technical difficulties that some customers face while making transactions. For instance, remembering passwords is often one of the major technical issues that customers face. In spite of the online shopping development in fashion marketing, the issue of size and measure remains a great hindrance to online shopping. It is essential to highlight that size and fit are rarely standard across all brands. This leads to a significant amount of product returns thereby hindering sales and creating extra costs for retailers. The use of augmented reality directly solves this problem.