The Dispossessed An Insight

This story is about the journey of an individual called Shevek, a physicist from Andress who travels to Urras to complete his scientific research. Shevek has described as a brilliant physicist far ahead of his times and revolutionary in his thinking. He is trying to develop a theory called the General Temporal Theory which will unite the concepts of Sequence and the Theory of Simultaneity and this will eventually develop instant communication across space and break the barrier of the speed of light is the absolute limit for the speed of travel. There is also a secondary objective in his mind to create a better communication between Anaressti and Urrasti.
At the end, Shevek goes back to Andress, as to him, it is yet a better alternative than the individualistic fiercely competitive society of Urras. Yet his return journey is not in defeat. It is the journey of the victor who has successfully opened Andress to the outside world of the Hain and he becomes like the legendary Prometheus who stole fire for giving it to the mortals. Shevek, the unassuming solitary hero, in his own ways, remains the true revolutionary – a far better Odonian than his fellow Anarresti. He believes that revolution exists within the spirit of one’s own self that is never ending, that does not fear taking risks. This is also the view expressed by Tom Moylan in “Demand the Impossible: Science Fiction and the Utopian Imagination” and at the end of the day, this and only this seem to do justice to this incredible epic.