The Dangers Of Cell Phones For Human Health

The Dangers Of Cell Phones For Human Health
Cell phones have become one of the necessities of life these days. “It really is an undeniable fact that owning a mobile phone these days is a kind of absolute necessity” (Moran). However, we should not forget the risks associated with the increasing use of cell phones. It is true that cell phones facilitate us and bring a number of benefits to us, such as, ease of communication but we should also remember the harms associated with its excessive and improper use. The thesis statement for this paper is that ‘dangers of cell phones should never be sidelined’.
Supporters of cell phones say that cell phones provide us with a number of facilities, such as, ease of communication, neighborhood crime watch, use in emergencies, and use as reminders. However, there also exist some risks regarding use of cell phones. Some of the risks include road accidents, increased number of crimes, and weakening of eardrums. Today, almost every person keeps a cell phone in car while traveling because cell phone has become one of the major necessities of life. Use of cell phone while driving may result in slower braking reactions, slower reactions to traffic signals, and difficulties in making quick decisions. If we compare the ratio of road accidents that used to occur in a year before 2000s with today, we come to know that the ratio of road accidents due to use of cell phones during driving has been increased by 75 to 80 percent approximately.
“In a study done in April 2006, it was found that 80% of car crashes involved the driver not paying attention right before the accident” (Russell). The reason is that cell phones distract driver’s attention, which results in road accidents. “According to several resources, every year, about 21% critical vehicle crashes happen due to cellphone use and require teens among age party 16 to 19 ages” (He). Supporters of cell phones say that cell phones do not take much attention of the users. rather they make people more responsible as they have to take care of themselves and other people while on road. However, this viewpoint is very illogical because accidents just need a little negligence to occur and that negligence can take place at any stage of cell phone use.
Cell phones also create risks for health. Excessive use of cell phones can affect our eardrums and can cause skin cancer as well. Today, a large number of young adults use hands-free system to hear songs from their cell phones. Most of them also use hands-free for doing long chat with friends. However, all of such habits put adverse impact on their health. It has been proven medically that excessive use of hands-free can result in weakening our eardrums. “Cell phones might cause cancer, headaches, sleep problems and memory loss” (Locsin).
Another concern regarding use of cell phones is related to increased number of crimes. Today, criminals also make use of cell phones for communicating with their crime partners. Some statistics show that crime rate has been increased significantly with the arrival of cell phones in markets. Therefore, we can say that although cell phones facilitate our life but the dangers of cell phones cannot be sidelined.
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