The Communication Technology Effect in Business

The methodology used in this investigation was observational and analysis of the literal information and statistics available from research articles, peer-reviewed journals, books, periodicals, and the internet on the effect of communication technology in business.

In the following pages the research finding and analysis show how advancement in communication technology is critical for modern business activities. Globalization has turned the world to a global market thus communication technology does not only help in ordinary business communication but is critical ingredient in conducting faster transactions, marketing, and management of resources in the modern business environment.

&nbsp.Communication is usually essential for a business to be successive and more so in the twenty-first century. In any business, the most basic part is how to communicate to its customer and the world at large. Over a few decades ago, communication within and outside business was very hectic and required a lot of money to be in business. However, with the improvement in technology, businesses have been the major beneficiary, especially in their communication sector. The twenty-first century has seen credible advancement in communication technology especially in regard to the internet use and wireless communication systems.&nbsp.Modern communication technologies that have helped improve businesses activities include emails which have fastened communication between departments, within employees, and between organizations and their external partner’s. At the click of a button, one is able to send message miles away unlike in the past where it required sending of letters through a postal corporation or even sending of messengers which required both resources and time.&nbsp.Emails remain the most effective means of communication for both small and large businesses globally due to the ease by which they can be freely operated thus making them easy to maintain.&nbsp.