The Children Law



Indeed, Justice Kennedy had a strong argument when he said: “ retribution is not proportional if the law’s most severe penalty is imposed on one whose culpability or blameworthiness is diminished, to a substantial degree, by reason of youth and immaturity”. ( DPIC, 2004) . It must also be kept in mind that many young children today are not properly guided by their parents since they are busy working for a living Minors are supposedly guided by their parents so that they would grow up to be mature individuals with a healthy sense of moral judgment. Unfortunately, this is not the case since most young people today are heavily influenced by their peer groups. Why? Because they spend more time with their peer groups or the PC rather than with their parents. Another counter-argument is that executing minors would not be an effective counter-deterrent since society itself would reject such a law. The major purpose of prison systems is to rehabilitate the offender and not to punish. If we encourage a culture that would hang even minors, then their innocent blood is in the hands of the very institutions that should nurture them.