The Challenges of France and England

England and France both have the distinction of being among the first true bases of civilization. Both were huge colonial beneficiaries, with the two nations controlling almost two-thirds of all the colonies in the world at the peak of their colonial rule. This means that these two nations had a profound influence on many of the nations that are in existence today. Colonies that were under British rule adopted a British way of life. They adopted their legal systems, spoken language, as well as social norms. Even to this day, these nations still look up to their former colonial masters for financial aid, trade ties and other forms of support. The same goes for the nations that were colonized by France. Therefore, in order to understand the proceedings of the contemporary world, it is only fair to focus on these two nations as they represent the source of policies and practices that are adopted around the world. These two nations have also been known to be fierce competitors in almost every aspect of human life. These research questions make for interesting reading because the policies that are adopted by these nations usually have a spillover effect on the rest of the world. Therefore, it is of importance to examine these two nations in order to examine if they influence each other’s policies and how they relate to each other, especially as they are very close neighbors.
The government system in England is one that is based on a system known as a Parliamentary Monarchy. The monarch is in most cases referred to as the Crown. The current monarch of England is Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch serves as the head of state in the country. The monarch has the power to summon members of the cabinet. This institution also has the powers to dismiss cabinet ministers and holds other&nbsp.functions such as the reconvening and dismissal of parliament, issuing out of honors to individuals and institutions.&nbsp.