The Abyss of Love

The Abyss of Love The kingdom was agog over the news that Prince Gabriel Buvier was finally returning from his studies abroad to claim his bride, the Princess Kaliapi Tovar. Fondly known as Kali to the the peasants in her kingdom loved her deeply because she had a heart for the poor and often spent her time with them as they worked in the fields, doing her best to try and learn their farming methods and listen to their woes. Some of which she was able to help them resolve, and some she simply did not have the power to fix. This was one reason why the prince, her childhood sweetheart, loved her deeply and wished to marry her in order to help both their kingdoms out of their respective problems. But there was just one problem, the younger sister of Princess Kali, Princess Viviana also loved the prince and wished to marry him in order to become queen of the united kingdoms.
Though Viviana was a thousand times more beautiful than her older sister, she was gifted with a black heart. Her jealousy caused her to do many evil things to Kali that could have killed her if Kali were not only highly intelligent and able to get herself out of the predicaments that Viviana conjured through the use of Black Magic.
Viviana knew that the prince was arriving in two days and the wedding was to take place on his fifth day in the kingdom. So devised her most devious plan yet in order to win the heart of the prince. Using her black powers, she created an army of black soldiers to do her bidding. They ambushed the prince in the Rosewood Forest as he was making his way to their kingdom. His soldiers were outnumbered and easily overcome by the devil army of Viviana. They took him prisoner and placed him deep inside the The Abyss of Love where an imprisoned person would easily fall for the charms of the dark arts, turning the persons heart black and allowing the masters of black magic to steal the loving hearts for their own.
Disguising herself as her sister, Viviana came to the prince and asked him to drink a magic potion. One that would make him see Kali each time he saw Viviana while he would see his despised Viviana each time he saw Kali. After making sure that the potion had worked. She allowed the prince to continue on his trek, his memory of the ambush erased forever.
He arrived at the palace all aglow with love. But instead of calling out for Kali, Prince Gabriel called out for Viviana, causing much embarrassment for Kali who was waiting for him with open arms at the top of the palace steps. Viviana brushed her sister aside and allowed the prince to sweep her off her feet, disappearing into the halls of the castle, they did not reappear till the dinner bell had been rung.
Kali returned to her room, crying over the love that she lost. As she silently questioned what had happened to her pure love with the prince, a fairy appeared before her and told her the tale of the ambush and what Viviana had done. How could she break the unbreakable spell then Kali asked the fairy. The fairy handed her a red beating heart and told her to place it over the heart of the prince when she got the chance. It would unlock the black heart that now existed within him and show him who Viviana really was.
On the day of the wedding, Kali got her chance. The prince had spent the morning riding horses and he had fallen asleep on the patio. As he slept, Kali slipped the red heart into his chest. She saw a black smoke being flushed out as her heart took over his being. She left him to sleep and hoped that what she had done worked to break the spell.
That evening, Kali stood among the bridesmaids who were present at the wedding. Viviana stood at the altar and waited for her prince to come. When he did arrive, he had anger written on his face. He walked up to Viviana and held her in his arms, pretending to be enamored with her and then suddenly ordering her arrest for placing a spell on him. She was taken away by the palace guards and brought to live in the tower for the rest of her life. Prince Gabriel looked for Kali among the bridesmaids and declared his love for her again and asked her to marry him right there and then. So they lived happily ever after and their united kingdoms became the most prosperous in all of the land.
The End