Terrorism and the Law

An analysis of the problem of terrorism in USA, covering both the aspect of international and domestic has been considered and the study of the law incorporated by the government in handling matters of terrorism has been considered.
Terrorism was largely held as an international and the foreign policy of the organizations. However various terrorist groups started focusing all its attention towards the United States from the beginning of this decade. In the year 2001, almost 63% of all the terror attacks were aimed at the citizens of the United States (Perl, 2003). Terror attacks have not only occurred in the United States but the citizens of the country have been massively affected in other parts of the world also. The catastrophic event in the World trade center is by far the worst terror attack which mankind has experienced. However US started experiencing the threat of terror much before the disaster in the World Trade Center. The country had also faced numerous cases of domestic terrorism, carried out by the citizens of US between the periods of 1980 to 2000. United States of America was seriously affected by domestic terrorism in various parts of Arizona, California, and Illinois. The areas were massively affected by such acts of terror and the government had a hard time bringing the situations under their control. Even the accused of the terror attacks which took place in California were convicted and several domestic extremist were arrested but such acts of terror were never under the control. Domestic terrorism spread in the country because of the right wing extremist and for the attainment of various political reasons in the country. However in recent times the act of domestic terrorism has been overshadowed by the international terrorism. The domestic terrorists based in US carry out the attacks not only on the human beings but