Tennessees Political Economic and Social Development

Tennessee’s Political, Economic, and Social Development Thesis statementThe most significant political development in 1970s was the rebirth of the Republic Party which made Tennessee one of the actual two-party states from the South. The conviction of Jacob Butcher and Ray Blanton in 1982 for conspiracy and fraud enhanced economic development. Manufacturing industries continued to expand throughout the 1980s. The Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway was also completed in 1985. All these enhanced the creation of 45,000 employment opportunities. In 1992, the Tennessee legislature approved school reform laws. It is in 1993 that the state allowed a healthcare package that paved way for the creation of TennCare. It is this program that replaced Medicaid coverage for about 1.5 million uninsured Tennessees. In 2002, Phil Bredesen was elected as the governor. He is the one who spearheaded economic growth in Tennessee. Outlinea. Rebirth of Republic Party in 1970sb. Conviction of Jacob Butcher and Ray Blanton in 1982c. Expansion of manufacturing industries in 1980sd. Creation of employment opportunities in 1982 and 1990se. Approval of school reform laws in 1992f. Approval of healthcare package in 1993g. Election of Phil Bredesen as the governor of Tennessee in 2002Work CitedAsh, Stephen, Bergeron Paul and Keith, Jeanette. Tennesseans and Their History. New York: Univ. of Tennessee Press, 1999. Print. Bucy, Carole and Publisher, Gibbs. Tennessee Through Time, The Later Years. New York: Gibbs Smith, 2007. Print.