Technologies’ Impact on the Process of Thinking

According to father Nicolas Adolfo, imagination is not something that an individual can escape or avoid. It is a consistent and continuous process that allows one to hold or appreciate the reality that is in place. With social media and communication, imagination affects and hinders serious thinking and reflection. This is because the student’s ability to reflect and think critically is influenced by the introduction of social media and communicative technology.This report declares that there are diverse ways in which students at the college level can be able to practice serious reflections. Students should practice reflection by not utilizing the internet while carrying out their assignments. They should learn to reflect on what they had learned during their class time and apply in their assignments. Assignment being part of the learning process should be given after a lecturer has tackled the topic. This will enable students to think and reflect what they have been taught and handle their tasks well. Use of technological devices such as calculator should be avoided and enable the students to reflect, think critically on tasks, and tackle them effectively.
Simulation mode of study should be employed in colleges. these modes of study allow the student to apply what they had acquired during classroom and apply in an environment similar to the actual environment.
&nbsp.A student is the ones affected most, with the presence of internet and communication system, it leads in students utilization of technology more than carrying out tasks on their own. For instances, mathematics are calculated using a calculator instead of a student to think critically and reflects on what they were taught in class. Technology also has harbored an individual’s creativity as most of the activities are carried through the internet.