Substainable Construction Products

This can also assist in the restoration and enhancement of the environment (Kats et al 2003). LEED sustainable sites has the responsibility of encouraging the observance of the standards which are the best measures via strategies like using alternative transportation, efficient design for lighting of the site, developing high density sites, managing storm water among other concerns (Clevenger 2008). Many owners have also realized that there are financial advantages of selecting and maintaining sustainable sites particularly tax incentives for developing brown fields and reducing space conditioning by selecting cool roofing material.
This is the finest management approach for storm water that makes use of soil, microorganism, and plants for filtering, retaining, and infiltration of storm water runoff from those sites that are developed. Bioretention is a very critical element of low impact development tactic since it is relatively simple, less costly, efficient and aesthetically attractive. Filtrexx growing Media TM is crucial for effective installation of bioretention. This product can be used on practically every site employing a range of design skills. The advantages are that it eases installation, controls pollution, durability, control runoff and establishes vegetation (Clevenger 2008).
b) JM Reflective roof: TopGard 4000
This is a multi-use product 100 percent acrylic elastomeric coat used for several substrates like asphalt to be applied on roofing. The product offers an exceptional bleed-blocking characteristic that makes it especially well-suited to coat over asphalt. It has special qualities like wet bonding, elongation and tensile force. It is used as an outstanding reflective outside layer over smooth or granulated plane roofing structures on roofs. The benefits are that it is energy saving, prolongs roof life, acrylic permanence, totally adhered fitting bleed-blocking (Kibert 2008).
3) Water Efficiency
LEED implements water efficiency to decrease production of waste water and enhance drinkable water whereas enhancing the home aquifer renewing. It is utilized in two options: option one – is reducing the potable water used for construction of sewage passage by half via use of water conservation fixtures or non-potable water. Or alternatively treating half of the wastewater on the site to tertiary standards: this water can be filtrated or reused on the site (Jones 2008).
a) Toto ultra-low-flow water closets
These types of toilets are easily cleaned. They utilize unique technology which makes it easy to clean and thus saves water. A research was conducted on their efficiency and it was found out that they bested about 46 models. They are slightly elongated for flow that clearly cleans effectively. TOTO’s G max expertise guarantees efficiency, low cost, and low noise (Clevenger 2008).
b) Delta 1.8-gpm sensor faucets
These faucets are very efficient, they operate in hands free activation mode and they also automatically stop running to conserve water by preventing overflow. Their taps are sensor operated for this efficiency. they are able to save up to about