Soft Systems Methodology in Action

The company increases options, reduces errors during achievement and the achievement could be anything. It need not be only a highly market victory. It could be connected socially, politically and culturally to the company, for which company is either forced or willingly inspired to work for.
A system approach is one of the decision support systems, that had been in vogue for some time and had been found unquestionably effective by many organizations and has amply proved its efficiency, mainly because it works along with its subsystems, and hence, more scope for checking, correcting, evolving and finalizing.
a) Company overview:
Almarai (Green Pastures), a very famous company of Saudi Arabia, a household name in dairy products was established in 1976, under the direction of the Prince. It is based in the Saudi capital Riyadh, with its operations spread not only in Saudi Arabia but also through the Arabian Peninsula, covering almost all the Gulf countries. It is a pioneer in agricultural, dairy processing and food distribution field. It is a well-known entity with a large workforce and has the distinction of being the largest dairy food company in the Middle East, with 45,000 livestock, and 40% market share of fresh dairy markets in the GCC. It owns a processing capacity of 1.4 million liters of milk per day, in an astonishing 45,000 square meter area, with its activities varying from dairy and arable farming, marketing, distribution of food productions, which, considering the appalling heat of the Middle East, is no mean task. It is a devoted and highly dedicated workforce, along with the direction and leadership provided by the farsighted Prince has achieved this exalted goal unfalteringly.
b) organization structure :
The hierarchy of the company is Board of Directors, CEO, General manager of all divisions, General manager of each division, Line Manager, Department Manager, Team Manager, Supervisor, Line Leaders, Operators, and workers. The company never faced the teething problems or any obstruction in growth due to a wrong management decision, as can be seen from the steadily expanding growth of the company into an impressive empire.
c) Management practices at the company:
Each year a new level of perfection had been achieved by the Company and its workers. The company continues to expand into neighboring gulf countries thanks to its high visibility and connection with the Royal House of Saudi. But it is unfair to presume that the company became a colossus only due to its connection with the Prince. It always took the right decision, tried hard to lead its workers in the right path, and took ethical advantage of every economic and social situation around Saudi Arabia. Today, it operates a fleet of 500 chilled sales vans across 28 sales depots through the GCC. The challenges faced by the workforce on a daily basis are astonishing, but they have always overcome them and succeeded.
Its 4,000 staff represents 30 different countries. The entire workforce is divided into farming, processing, marketing, personnel and administration, financial and support work. Company has gone through reconstructing and reinvesting phase.